Alpine Christmas Races

BARSC_BSAAlpine Christmas Races

Over the festive period a number of races organised by GBR took place in various Alpine resorts. Many Hemel members took place in these events with some excellent results. Below are listed the events and the performances by Hemel members. We apologise now for any omissions. FIS races also were held and the results from these can be found on the FIS website at

After some early season FIS races the British organised races started with the BARSC Championships being held for the first time at Les Arcs in France. Due to varying Snow Conditions the event had to be adapted from the original programme but a number of events took place.


GS Under 12/10 Race 1

The event was run as a mixed gender event with girls and boys competing together. In the girls event Gisselle GORRINGE put up a good run and was placed 1st  .

The boys saw Dominic BARTON being placed 7th, 5 seconds behind the eventual winner.

GS Under 14 Race 1

This event was held over the same course as the U10/12 event.

In this event Shanna DANENBERGSONS put in a good time and eventually finished  2nd, Cerys GORRINGE was placed 4th.

The boy’s event saw Dexter LEE being the winner with a solid run just holding off Charlie Luke from DHO by ½ second. Judson RABEY finished 7th 2.5 seconds behind Dexter, a very tight fought race.

GS Under 14 Race 2

In the girls Shanna DANENBERGSONS was again placed 2nd being beaten by the winner of race 1 again, Cerys GORRINGE was again 4th.

The boys competition saw a reverse of the results from the first race with Dexter LEE coming 2nd, this time being pipped by just over ½ second. Judson RABEY improved by one place and finished 6th.

GS Under 16

This event is held as a combined times of 2 runs. Hemel had no competitors in the girls event whereas in the boys the Hemel contingent put up a very god show with Jordan LOWE being placed 2nd and Daniel BARTON 3rd.


GS Under 12/10 Race 1

Again this event was a mixed gender event with both girls and boys competing together down the same course, Hemel only had one member taking part. Dominic BARTON came 5th.

GS Under 14 Race 1&2

The girls event was almost a carbon copy of Day 1 with Shanna DANENBERGSONS winning Race 1 and placed 2nd in Race 2. The boys event saw Dexter LEE improving from Day 1 by being placed 1st in both races, the only other Hemel member was Judson RABEY who was placed 6th on both days.

GS Under 16

Again Hemel was not represented in the Girls competition. The boys copied their positions from Day 1 with Jordan LOWE and Daniel BARTON being placed 2nd and 3rd again.


Day 3 at the BARSC saw the introduction of the KOMBI event, a mixture of gates, jumps and turns to test the overall ability of the competitor, a real fun event. Much the same as Skier Cross but only one on the course at a time.. Two runs were completed with the best time being used to find the overall winner. Dominic BARTON finished 3rd in the boys U12. Race 1 for the girls U14 saw Shanna DANENBERSONS being place 1st in the U14 and in the boys U14 Race 1 Judson RABEY came 3rd and Dexter LEE 4th. The U16 event again had no competitors in the girls whereas in the boys Daniel BARTON improved his GS positions and finished 1st, Jordan LOWE finished 3rd.


The final day of the BARSC Championship saw the more technical Slalom events. The U14 event takes the form of 2 separate events with the combined times being use to find the overall winners. In the girls competition Shanna DANENBERGSONS was place 1st in Race 1 and 2nd in Race 2. The boys saw Judson RABEY finishing 3rd in Race 1, unfortunately Dexter Lee DSQ. In Race 2 Judson RABEY finished 5th and Dexter LEE 7th. The U16 are held as 2 runs, both to count. In the U16 event Hemel had no entrants in the Girls event. In the Boys, Daniel BARTON finished 1st, Jordan Lowe, after a good 1st run failed to finish run 2.

Anglo-Scottish Cup and BSA Championships 4th-7th January 2014

The 2nd BSA Championships took place at Les Houches, France, the home of the British Ski Academy The event was open to U16, U14 and U12/10 in both female and male categories. Hemel members took part in all competitions and really performed well, a credit to Hemel and their nominated snow club.

On Day 1 the Slaloms took place. Again the U14 was held as 2 separate races with the times combined to find the overall winners.

In the Girls U14 event for Hemel members took a clean sweep with

1st Alicia KRAHELSKI, 2nd Shanna DANENBERGSONS, 3rd Sarah WOODWARD. Three excellent results, Caterina MAGENES performed well and eventually finished 8th followed by Madeline BURNS in 11th position. Megan DAVIES was placed 14th, Izabelle COOPER 17th. Nicole Sheering was placed 2nd in Race 1 but as not finishing Race 2 was not placed. In the U16 Girls event Hemel members once again showed some very good results. Yasmin COOPER was placed 1st, very closely followed by Anna HENDERSON in 2nd place. Phobe LONG was 7th chased by Cameron MANSON in 8th. Eleanor TREW finished 15th. Unfortunately twin, Isobel Trew DNF Run 1 so was not placed.

The Boys U14 race saw some good performances from Hemel members, again the race was 2 events with the overall winner being taken from the combined times of both runs. Harry DEIGHTON had a very good second run after finishing 4th in Race 1, eventually taking 1st place overall. Judson RABEY had two good times and was placed 17th overall. Brother of Issy and Eleanor, Richard TREW finished 22nd. William Newton after a good run 1 being placed within the top ten failed to complete Run 2. Charlie Leach, again after a good first run, was DSQ run 2.

The results of the U16 Boys event were taken from both runs combined. Joshua PENNING-LAMBERT finished 3rd overall, followed by Daniel BARTON and Toby DEIGHTON in 8th and 9th positions respectively. Morgan DAVIES finished 22nd. Ed LODER 25th,

The Anglo-Scottish Cup took place on the Saturday 5th January, again Hemel had a good show of entrants in all disciplines. The slalom took the same form as the previous events with the U14 being two separate events with the overall winner being the combined times. The U16 was two runs, both had to count for positions.

In the U14 races Hemel faired well. Alicia KRAHELSKI finisdhed 1st with Shanna DANENBERSONS, Caterina MAGENES being placed 3rd and 4th. Megan DAVIES was 6th and Madeline BURNS 8th. In the top 10 Hemel members accounted for 5 positions, very well done. Nicole Sheering after finishing 5th in Run 1 DNF Run 2. The U16 Girls also saw Hemel members feature in the top 10, Anna HENDERSON was placed 1st and Yasmin COOPER 2nd. Also in the top 10 was Cameron MANSON in 4th position. Eleanor TREW finished 15th. Phoebe Long and Isobel Trew DNF run 1.

The Boys U14 event had Harry DEIGHTON as the overall winner. Judson RABEY from a start bib of 41 finished 10th. Charlie LEACH and William NEWTON had a tight fought battle with eventually Charlie finishing 18th just ahead by less than ½ second of William in 19th. Richard TREW finished 25th. The U16 Boys event placed Hemel members again in the top 10, Joshua PENNING LAMBERT finished 2nd, Daniel BARTON 4th and Morgan DAVIES 9th. Toby Deighton, after being 3rd fastest in Run 1 DNF Run 2.

On the same day the KOMBI Race took place for the U12. Toby CASE continued his good summer form and finished 1st in the 2002/2003 years of birt and 1st overall. Freddie LEACH finished 19th, Charlie NEWTON 24th and Dominic BARTON 28th.

On the 3rd day of the competition the Anglo Scottish Cup GS was run. In the Girls Races the U14 event saw Hemel members being placed in the top 10. Alicia KRAHELSKI was placed 2nd, Shanna DANENBERGSONS 4th, Nicole SHEERING 6th, Caterina MAGENES was placed 8th, outside of the top 10 was Madeline BURNS 16th, Izabelle COOPER 20th and Megan DAVIES 27th. Sarah Woodward had a very good Run 1 placing her 4th but DNF Run 2. The U16 Girls event also showed very good Hemel members positions. Anna HENDERSON came 3rd, very closely followed by Yasmin COOPER in 4th place. Eleanor Trew was 16th and Cameron MANSON 17th.

In the Boys competitions the U14 overall results placed Harry DEIGHTON 8th, Judson RABEY 19th and Charlie LEACH 20th. Richard TREW, who never seems to NOT finish, was placed 27th and William NEWTON 42nd followed by Charlie HUMPHRIES at 44th. The U16 Boys event saw the highest ranked Hemel member, Toby DEIGHTON, 8th. Ed LODER performed well and finished a credible 12th  position. Daniel BARTON, after a disappointing first run finished 31st.

On Monday 6th January, whilst most children were on their way back to school after the Christmas Break, the Barn’s GS was held. Hemel members took part. In the Girls yob 2002/2003 Matilde MAGENES came 9th whilst in the Boys Toby CASE was placed 2nd. Angus LODER 18th, Freddie LEACH 20th and Dominic BARTON 23rd. Charlie NEWTON had two consistent runs and finished 34th.

The last race of the Championships was the BSA GS held on Tuesday 7th January. Hemel members once again performed exceptionally well. The Girls U14 event, Run 1, saw Alicia KRAHELSKI finishing 2nd with Sarah WOODWARD 3rd. Caterina MAGENES was 6th.

The Girls U16 event was won by Anna HENDERSON, Cameron MANSON 6th and Phoebe LONG 13th. The U14 Boys Competition placed Charlie LEACH as the highest placed Hemel Member at 14th. He was very quickly followed by Richard TREW at 16th. Charlie HUMPHRIES finished 30th. The U16 Boys saw the highest placed Hemel member, Ed LODER at 20th. Joshua Penning Lambert after a good competition to date failed to finish Run 1. Morgan Davis had a promising Run 1 but DNF Run 2.

Scottish FIS Races

The Final Scottish races of the championship saw the FIS races held at Chamonix in France. An international field of racers took part. On the first of the races on the 5th January, Marie CURTIS in her first year of FIS racing finished 29th, Aveline Deighton DNF Run 2. In the Male event Robert POTH, again in his first year of FIS, came a very credible 32nd. Will WHEELER was placed 50th followed by Oliver DEIGHTON at 57th. The second of the FIS ladies races held the following day saw Rachel ROGERS finishing 5th overall with 42.94 points. Aveline DEIGHTON finished 29th. Unfortunately Marie Curtis DNF Run 2. In the Male event Robert POTH rose a few places and finished 29th, Will WHEELER was 40th. Oliver Deighton in his first year of FIS DNF Run 2.

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