Can of Worms !!

canofwormsMartin Driscoll opens a can of worms!!!! Martin has challenged members past, “ERSA dry slope skiers of old who’s keen for a comeback at the Brentwood race? We are all seniors now, first time we are all in the same age group…apart from Alex Green and Andy Pirie who are masters  haha! Chris Solly Holly Luke McCarthy Chris McCarthy Dave Driscoll Rob Statham Alex Goy Daniel Curtis Adam Lambert”.

Many others are on board Sam Sage, David Blackwell, Shaun Howarth, Ryan Rose, Alex Green to name a few.  All excellent racers, many in national dry and Alpine Squads. Go to, search for your name, you may still be registered from years ago, and then enter. Helmets nowadays must be worn, no halos and skis are not as long as they used to be, hacking is also not as prominent. Racer Ready will be there to record the event for posterity.

ERSA would be honoured to see you at the ERSA Summer League on Sunday 13 October. You know you want to. Register now. There is also the Bassingbourn ERSA Summer League also being held at Brentwood on Sunday 8th September.

STOP PRESS:- Two entered, Martin and Chris.

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