Courchevel Ecosse Childrens Championships 2014


During the weekend of the 5th, 6th and 7th April the Courchevel Ecosse Childrens Championships were taking place. Unfortunately these Championships got of to a bad start with all races on Saturday 5th being cancelled due to poor visibility. However Sunday’s events took place with the Children racing in the Giant Slalom event. Hemel had three members taking place in the Boys U12 event, Angus LODER finished in 20th position equal, very closely followed by Dominic BARTON in 22nd place 0.30s behind. Freddie LEACH finished 30th.

The U14 event took place on the Stade E Allais piste. The course was set by Alex Tilley from GBR. The course comprised of 21 gates with 20 turns. The event is run as two separate races. In Race 1 Hemel members took the top two podium with Alicia KRAHELSKI finishing 1st with Sarah WOODWARD 0.17s behind in 2nd. New Hemel member Nicole HUGEC was 10th followed by Madeline BURNS and Olivia FOSTER in 14th and 15th respectively. Charlotte TAPSELL was just behind in 17th place.  Nicole SHERING finished 24th and Megan DAVIS 27th. The second race once again saw Alicia KRAHELSKI finish on top podium place in 1st. Nicole HUGEC improved from the first run and finished in 4th. In 10th and 11th positions saw much improved performances from race one by Olivia FOSTER and Nicole SHERING. Charlotte TAPSELL maintained her form and finished in 17th. Unfortunately Megan Davis dnf and Sarah Woodward was dsq.

The boys event took place on the same courses. The highest placed Hemel member was Judson RABEY in 16th position. Dexter LEE was close behind in 18th place. Charlie LEACH starting with a bib number of 60 finished 22nd whilst Harry DEIGHTON and Richard TREW finished 28th and 29th. Charlie HUMPHRIES finished 34th.In race 2 much improved performances were seen by Harry DEIGHTON and Dexter LEE who finished in 4th and 7 places. Charlie LEACH also improved and completed this run in 16th. Another improvement was seen by Richard TREW who climbed up 5 places and finished 23rd. Charlie HUMPHRIES came 31st whereas Judson RABEY, after a good first race, finished 34th.

The U16 category took place on the same course set by Alex Tilly. The temperature was +5, snow was softening so not good conditions for the race. The results for the U16s are based on the aggregate of both runs. The girls competed first. Anna HENDERSON in her last year of children’s racing before moving to FIS finished top spot in 1st place smashing the competition by nearly 2 seconds. Yasmin COOPER was 3rd Cameron MANSON who was 7th after run 1 finished overall in 11th. Phoebe LONG finished 15th and Eleanor TREW 20th. Unfortunately her twin Isobel dnf both runs. The boys then took to the Stade E Allais course, Daniel BARTON had 2 very good runs and stood on the podium in 3rd position. Morgan DAVIES was 9th. Toby Deighton after a good first run dnf run 2 so was not placed.

The third and final day of the Courchevel Ecosse Childrens Championships saw the Slalom Event and the Bairns Combi Race. The combi event is a combination of all different gates, log turns, short turns and jumps etc. The course was set by GBR trainer, Duncan Freshwater. The  temperature was +2 and the official conditions were reported as “Nice”. The girls took to the snow first with Nadine HUGEC finishing in 3rd position. In the boys competition Dominic BARTON in his last year of U12 racing finished 12 followed by Angus LODER and Freddie LEACH in 20th and 23rd positions.

Earlier in the day the Championship Slalom event was run on the Stade E Allais race piste. As is now the norm the U14 race 2 separate events down the same course, both seeded and the U16 race two runs, both to count for awards and points. The courses were set by GBR Trainers, Ronnie Naismith and  Mark Vinter. Both courses had 37gates with 35 turns. The U14 girls event opened up the day. In race 1 Hemel members, Alicia KRAHELSKI, Nicole HUGEC and Charlotte TAPSELL were placed  1st, 2nd and 4th. Madeline BURNS finished 13th very closely followed 0.11s behind by Nicole SHEARING in 14th. Megan DAVIES was placed 21st and Sarah WOODWARD 26th. Race 2 saw Alicia KRAHELSKI again on top of the podium in 1st position and a very much improved performance by Sarah WOODWARD saw her finish on the podium in 3rd equal with Nicole HUGEC. Good performances by Nicole SHEARING saw her finish 7th just ahead of Charlotte TAPSELL in 8th. Madeline BURNS was consistant in both races and finished 11th. Megan DAVIES was 29th.

The boys U14 event took place down the same track as the girls with the same format of 2 separate races. In race 1 GBR Childrens Team member, Harry DEIGHTON was placed 2nd, Judson RABEY 16th and Charlie LEACH 21st. Unfortuantly, on a worsening track, temperature +2 Charlie Humphries, Richard Trew, Patrick Caldwell and Dexter Lee dnf. Race 2 saw a very much improved effort from Dexter LEE who finished 5th. However Harry DEIGHTON could not maintain the form from race 1 and completed the course in 20th, 0.25s behind was Judson RABEY in 21st. Richard TREW finished race 2 in 24th position and Charlie LEACH 34th. As in the first race unfortuantly Patrick CALDWELL dsq.

The U16 competition took place on the same track with the same course setters from the U14 event. More gates, 39 with 38 turns. Both runs needed to be completed for the results. In the girls competition Yasmin COOPER finished 4th and Phoebe LONG 6th. Further down the field saw twins Isabel and Eleanor TREW finish 16th and 17th. One of the favourites for the honours, Anna Henderson dnf Run 1. Camerom Manson after a very good first run was dsq in Run 2. The last event of the U16 slalom saw the boys compete, same format, same course as the girls. Daniel BARTON was placed 4th, Toby DEIGHTON 6th and Ed LODER 14th. Morgan Davis sitting in the top half of the field after Run 1 dnf Run 2.

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