DELANCEY British National Championships 2014


DAY 9, The final day of the Senior and Junior British Championships sees the ladies take on the National Junior Championships Giant Slalom and the men the National Junior Championships Slalom events. The ladies competed first, the only Hemel member taking part was the consistent performer, finished all events, Amber BUCKLAND. She finished overall in 18th position. A good all round championships in her first year of senior racing.

The final event of the Championships saw the men compete in the Slalom event, the two Hemel Members were Kieran NORRIS  and Robert POTH. Both had very good runs, Kieran NORRIS finished in 15th position 5.12s behind the Austrian winner, very closely followed by Robert POTH in 18th  0.45s behind Kieran.

DAY 8, the penultimate day of the British Championships saw the Ladies National Junior Championship slalom event and the men’s National Junior Championship GS. The ladies started of the day with their event, the courses were set by Sefan Moser of Austria and GBR coach, Martin Harte. Both set similar courses with 58 gates, 56 turning. Hemel had three ladies taking part. Amber BUCKLAND finished a good championships, having completed all events, in 18th position. Rachel Rogers couldn’t replicate her good first run and dnf run 2. Marie Curtis, in her first year of FIS racing dnf run 2, all good experience.

The men then took to the piste for the GS event. The courses were set by  Austrian and French Coaches. Both set 45 gates with 42 turns. Our only Hemel entrant was Kieran Norris, despite having a decent first run failed to follow that with the second run and along with 18 others dnf.
DAY 7. Today are the ladies and men’s National Championships slalom event, once again this is taking place on the Roc De Fer piste in Meribel, France. The weather was sunny with a temperature of plus 2, the snow was assessed as Hard, well at least at the start of the competition. The ladies competed first, Rachel ROGERS after finishing the 1st Run in 9th position eventually finished the competition in 10th position overall. Amber BUCKLAND finished 20th overall. Marie Curtis DNF run 1.
The men’s event, run down the same piste, saw David Ryding leading after the first run. Eventually winning the competition by 2 seconds. John NORRIS finished run 1 in 45th place. His son Kieran DNF. In the second run John NORRIS completed the course in 33rd position putting him 33rd for the overall competition.

DAY 6. Another day, another competition. Today saw the Ladies and Men’s National Championships Giant Slalom. The results were based on two runs aggregated to find the overall winners. The courses were set by French Coach Alexandre Fourrat and GBR coach Martin Harte. The courses had 41/39 and 47/43 gates respectively. The ladies competed first down the Roc De Fer piste with an early start of 0830. Hemel had two members taking part, Amber BUCKLAND finished in 12th position whilst Marie Curtis DNF Run 1.

The Mens competition followed with the courses being set again by Alex Fourrat and Run 2 set by Craig Branch. Max BAGGIO was 29th but placed 3rd Brit. Kieran NORRIS was 36th and 4th Brit. Father of Kieran, John NORRIS was placed 55th. Robert Poth unfortunately failed to complete Run 2.



DAY 5. The Super G National Junior Championships took place today with the National Championships Super Combined event using the time from the stand alone Super G added to the Slalom Run. The Super G course was set by GBR trainer, Mike Pilarski and consisted of 30 gates. Rachel ROGERS finished the SG element in 6th place. The event was won by GBR racer, Chemmy Alcott. Marie Curtis and Amber Buckland DNF. The men’s event followed using the same course, Max BAGGIO finished in 28th position and Kierran NORRIS 36th.

The Slalom element of the Combined Event followed later in the day. The course was set by French Trainer Alexandre Fourrat, he set 56 gates with 54 turning. Rachel ROGERS finished in 2nd place in the Slalom which made her 4th overall. The men’s slalom saw Kierran NORRIS finish 21st in the event, 23rd overall for the Combined. Max Baggio DNF.

DAY 4, Day 4 saw another Downhill competition, this time it was the National Junior Championships (NJC) event.. The course once again was set on the Roc De Fer piste. The temperature was +2,. The only Hemel Member taking part in the competition was Max BAGGIO, he was placed 25th. The eventual winner of the event was Dougie Crawford followed by Norfolk Racer, Thomas Baldwin. The highest placed British girl was Darcie Mead. DAY 2 and DAY 3, On Day 2 and Day 3 were the National Championships Downhill. Day 1 training and the actual competition held on Day 2. The course consisted of 42 gates on the Roc De Fer pieste and was set by a French Coach. Downhill is a very specialised competition and as such Max BAGGIO was Hemel only entrant in both he Ladies and Men’s event. Max finished 21st overall but was 4th Brit. The competition was won by GBR favourite, Dougie Crawford. The Ladies GBR event was won by Chemmy Alcott who was placed 5th overall. DAY 1 – The British Senior Championships started today in Meribel, France. Nine days of competition is kicked of with the Ladies and Men’s Super G competitions. The course, same for both ladies and men, was set by a French Coach and had 41 gates. Very small fields in both events but Hemel did have there members taking part. In the ladies event Amber BUCKLAND finished a very credible 6th place whilst in the men’s competition Max BAGGIO continues to impress and finished 10th. Marie Curtis dnf. The event winners were, no surprise, Chemmy Alcott and Dougie Crawford.


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