England Team Selection 2013/2014

England_Team SELECTION for 2013-14 (See http://www.britski.org/engalpselect13.pdf for full details)

The following infomation outlines the selection criteria and considerations that Snowsport England intends to apply for selection of athletes to the England Squad for the 2013/14 season. See http://www.britski.org/engalpselect13.pdf for all details.




The following sections are included.

1. Structure – The England Squad and Development Group

2. Selection Overview

3. Selection for YOB 1997

4. Selection for YOBS 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993

5. Selection Committee

6. Injury Policy

7. Notes

8. Appeals against non-selection

Appendix A – Selection forms for those not meeting criteria

1. Structure

The England Squad

The England Squad exists to develop English ski racers providing them with knowledge and skills that they will need if they wish to compete at the highest international level. The England Squad exists to support and nurture its members providing high quality and timely support. This year, The England Squad will be formed of members who have attained both the required performance and fitness levels.

The name has been changed from the England Team to the England Squad to align us with BSS. If at any stage during the year a selection of athletes is required to compete for England, an England Team will be selected and specific selection criteria published for these instances.

Development Group

The Snowsport England Development Group exists to support English ski racers who show potential, but have not attained the required standard for the England Squad. Support will be given to these athletes as we recognise that some athletes may develop at different speeds during their early development years and we wish encourage them to pursue their sport even if they have not yet met the required standard for the England Squad.

Snowsport England will work with the coaches and parents of both the England Squad and Development Group athletes. The England Squad will provide a base for contact and discussion about training and racing if necessary or wanted.

We recognise that members of the England Squad are committed athletes who will need support when they are juggling school, skiing and of course life itself. In recognising the athletes’ commitment, Snowsport England recognises its duty to provide high level support for the Squads’ members and will seek to ensure that this occurs.

We will work hard to provide a programme of training and support that meets the needs of the Squad’s athletes and ensures that time, effort and money are used to the best effect. We will endeavour to work with coaches to ensure that our provision ties in with the members’ programs, plans and progress.

2. Selection Overview

This year The England Squad will be selected and members invited to join the Squad if they meet the criteria outlined later in this document. If, however, an athlete, or a coach believes someone should be considered that does not meet the criteria, then please complete the form attached (coach recommendation). We ask for this to be returned to us no later than Friday 26  th April 2013.

Membership of the England Squad and Development Group is an honour and athletes who are selected and accepted will meet the following criteria:

? Currently be a registered member of the Snowsport England

? Born in 1997 or earlier

? Be participating in an alpine development programme

? Reach the required level on the selection criteria

Members of the England Squad and Development Group will also agree to:

? Attend the English Alpine Ski Championship

? Attend the screening date in May

? Abide by the athletes code of conduct

3. Selection for YOB 1997

Snowsport England is committed to supporting athletes on the alpine pathway. We recognise that this means we need to provide a long term strategy which includes supporting younger athletes. To this end, we will be inviting the top 7 male and female finishers from the slalom and GS races at the English Championships in Bormio 2013 to a pre-selection day at Loughborough where we will be asking athletes to complete a fitness screening. Additionally, we will also be inviting any English athlete that finishes in the top 10 at the British Championships in April (slalom and GS results only will be considered).

The date in May will be compulsory for athletes who wish to be selected to the England Squad. Athletes who achieve the required fitness level will be selected to the squad with those failing to attain the required fitness level forming the Snowsport England Development Group.

At the end of the summer, Snowsport England will hold a second round of screening at which point athletes will have a second chance to attain a place on the England Squad.

Any coach of an athlete who does not make the performance level at the English or British can submit a coach recommendation. A decision on whether an athlete is invited to the pre-selection day in May will then be made by a selection committee.

4. U18 and U21 England Squad Selection for YOBs: 1996 – 1995 (U18) and 1994 – 1993 (U21)

To attain England Squad status, athletes must reach the required levels in both performance and fitness. There will be a fitness screening held in May where athletes can attain full squad status. A second chance to attain squad status will be allowed if unable to attend for valid reason within four weeks of the initial test**.

There will be two avenues for reaching the performance level for pre-selection:

1. Through finishing in the top 50% of your English year group at the English and/or the British in the GS and/or slalom.

2. Through the BSS athlete tracker. The tracker will be published on the website and the FIS list published on the 23rd April which includes results up until the 21st April will be used for selection. Use of the BSS tracker allows Snowsport England selection to be aligned with BSS in addition to helping athletes understand where they stand within the British alpine structure.

A coach of any athlete who has not attained the performance level required through either of these 2 routes may submit a coach recommendation. A selection committee will then meet to determine who will be eligible for selection at the England Squad fitness screening in May 2013.

**there may be a small charge for this

5. Selection Committee

The selection committee will consist of a minimum of 4 members and an independent chair. There will be at least 2 coach representatives.

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