ERSA Championships 2013 – Results

Bart_Evo_ErsaThe ERSA Championships took place over the weekend of the 28th and 29th September.  Saturday saw the athletes meet at Welwyn for the Dry event and meet again on Sunday for the Snow element.

To prove yourself to be the ERSA Champion 2013 skills had to be shown on both surfaces. The ERSA Championship result was found by taking the best run of the 2 on the day amalgamated with the other days best run to find the total time.

The results can be found on the ERSA website but Hemel Members, who competed on both surfaces, showed good results. The overall winner and ERSA Champion for 2013 was Georgie Hunt who “destroyed” the field on both days. This shows that if a good racer your skills can be transposed. Elise Snow, who came first on Saturday and second on Sunday was crowned the Overall ERSA Female Champion 2013, again showing you can perform on both surfaces. Carys Boty was placed 3rd overall.

In the U10 group Sophie Gibson came 1st, this was her first season of racing, well done. In the girls U12 group Eleanor Scranage Harrison came 1st, Harriet Warmington 2nd and Nia Boty 3rd. Lydia Bradley was placed 4th in the U14 group. The U16 girls saw a clean sweep, Elise Snow 1st, Carys Boty 2nd, Eleanor Trew 3rd, Isobel Trew 4th and Emily Dean 5th.

In the boys event Thomas Reidy and Alfie Turner came 4th and 8th. Charlie Newtion was placed 5th in the U14 age group. The U18 boys saw Harry Boty taking the 3rd spot whilst in the SEN group Georgie Hunt was 1st.

Some very good results showing versatility to both surfaces, Hemel thanks ERSA for the organising of these events and for all the help put in by the Hemel members.

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