ERSA Race Calendar 2013

ersa_te_sl_logoERSA Race Events 2013

ERSA Race Calendar 2013

ERSA Summer League races;

21st April – Welwyn 28th April – Schools Race – location tbc 12th May – Norfolk 2nd June – Milton Keynes 16th June – Ipswich 7th July  – Hemel 14th July – Tallington TBC 8th September – Brentwood 28th September – ERSA Champs 1 Dry Slope – location TBC 29th September  – ERSA Champs 2 Indoor Slope – location TBC 12th October – Tri-Regions – location TBC Read the Rough Guide to Dry Slopes. imageClub National Races taking place in the region are; 18th May – Welwyn 19th May – Milton Keynes 8th June – Norfolk 9th June – Ipswich 23rd June – Hemel GBR_HNGBGBR Series Races 27th April – Milton Keynes Champs 28th April – Anglo Welsh Champs at Milton Keynes 21st September – British Outdoor Champs – Norfolk 22nd September – Inter Regional – Norfolk

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