ERSA Race Calendar 2015

Bart_Evo_ErsaThe ERSA Calendar has been published, Team Evolution have announced their test camp dates for 2015 and ERSA need your feedback on the changes proposed by Snowsport England.

ERSA Calendar
The 2015 ERSA calendar has been published online. As you will see there are some changes for 2015. There is no Bassingbourn race this time, the club is still in existence and are still working on plans for a new slope but this coming year have decided not to hold a race. You will also notice that there is no race at Milton Keynes. Unfortunately the owners of the slope have dramatically increased the hire of the slope making the ERSA and Club National not viable to run.

The Hemel ERSA will take place on Saturday and begin at 2pm this coming year. This is due to the availability of the slope and the same applies for the Club National.

We have managed to keep the entry price the same for several years now but with the increasing costs of medals and other costs for 2015 we have added an extra £1 to the race entry. For the champs we have had to add £2 to ensure all costs are covered. It is not a decision taken lightly and we do hope you understand and ERSA still offers value for money with the races. There will be more details published about the race formats in the next few weeks.

Race Dates
19th April – WGC
29th April – Schools NOR
10th May – NOR
6th June – HEM 2pm
7th June – ESX
21st June – TAL
28th June – VIK
17th Oct – Tri Regions
26th Sep – Champs HEM
27th Sep – Champs WGC

National Races
30th May – Norfolk 2pm
31st May – Vikings 9am
11th July – Hemel 2pm
12th July – Welwyn 9am

Team Evolution Test Camps
Our main sponsors, Team Evolution, have published details of their test camps in 2015 online.

Snowsport England changes
At the recent Snowsport England AGM several changes were passed which changes the setup of SSE. Over the next year there will be several changes taking place and one of the first ones to happen will be around the structure and setup of the regions. I have received a letter from SSE about a meeting taking place on the 17th January to discuss various proposed changes. Please read the details here and send any comments to Bernard Wright at

If there is anything else you would like to know or have any question drop an email to Bernie at

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