ERSA Ski and Boarder X

NOR_ERSA_SkiXLast night saw 45 racers brave the first real cold of the season over at Norfolk Snowsports Centre for the Ski and Boarder X. Congratulations to all those members from Hemel who took part. There is always something special about nighttime races and this was no exception.  The first part of the evening was three individual timed runs through the course and the second half everyone was split into teams for the head to head races. This resulted in some exciting racing and action. ERSA thanks Norfolk for hosting the events and all the parents for helping put on the event and especially Martin and Janet who braved the top of the slope in the cold, sleet and wind but both loved it. Thanks also to Neil McQuoid who drove over to take photos and these will be available over the next few days, keep a look out on Facebook or his website.

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