ERSA Summer League – Tallington

TallingtonThe last of the ERSA Summer League races, before the summer break, takes place this Sunday at Tallington Lakes. Tallington is a Leisure Park situated just outside of the historic village of Stamford. SEE FULL POST FOR LOCATION. The slope is not very long, has a sprinkler system, the centre runs a BBQ, they have a well stocked Ski shop and all racers are guaranteed a warm welcome. If you have never raced on a dry slope this would be a good one to give it a try. This race is suitable for all of the Hemel Members. As one of the Hemel members writes

“Located somewhere near Stamford, in Lincolnshire (we’re not exactly sure where because we always get lost when we go there). A relative newcomer to the Summer League, it’s situated on a campsite/leisure complex with a lake nearby. If you’re into camping, great to make a weekend of it.
It’s another short slope, served by one dodgy lift, but again not far to walk to the top.
The ski slope has a fantastic shop, so in between your three runs of ten seconds there’ll be plenty of time to use your flexible friend.
But on a more serious note, all these slopes have one thing in common. They’re a great day out for both skiers and spectators, with a fantastic open-air atmosphere that you don’t get at any of the indoor slopes – and in our four years of Summer League competitions we’ve only actually got rained on once (probably tempting fate for this year…!).

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