Father Christmas visits HSRC

FC_Slope1Father Christmas arrives in style.image

Santa Claus visited Hemel Ski Race Club tonight in his sledge pulled by one of his trusted reindeer, Rudolph. So eager were they to meet the race club that one of his Christmas elves, Gregpricealor had to hold them back otherwise they would have been at the bottom a lot sooner and quicker than they expected to be.  The only disappointing fact was he did not race the slalom course set up. After a picture shoot at the bottom, FC (as known by his friends) handed gifts to all the Hemel members FC_SlopeBotpresent ably assisted by the elvette Sheiladriscolor.FC_Elve1

Our greatest thanks go to Father Christmas, his helpers and not forgetting Rudolph for visiting us tonight.

Our thanks also to Liz, Clare and Stuart for sorting out the parking of the sleigh and feeding of the reindeer. Hemel Ski Race Club wishes all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Training restarts on Monday 17th January 2013.

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