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Guide to Helmets for Alpine Ski Racing

Second Edition October 2013


A factory in China that manufactures the new helmets burnt to the ground destroying all the moulds.

The FIS has ruled that at WC, COC and WJC the current helmets that meet the 2012/13 specifications

are permitted until the last weekend of November 2013. By that date the manufacturer will have

filled all orders to cover those three events and the new rules become active.

For FIS level events throughout the 2013/14 season the helmet regulations are as for 2012/13. There

is therefore no rush at FIS level to acquire the new helmets (labelled EN 1077 Class A) for DH/SG and

GS. The same dispensation will be allowed for BASS and Artificial slope races for the 2013/14 Winter

Season and the 2014 Summer Season.


Key Points

• Helmets are compulsory for all British and FIS Alpine calendar events and in all disciplines.

• Conformity to the rules may be checked at any event, and the lack of an approved helmet is grounds for refusal to allow a competitor to race.

• Spoilers, visors or protruding edges are not permitted. Add-on items such as camera mounts stuck onto the surface of the helmet are not permitted.

• Hard shell must cover head and ears, except for slalom in which soft protection over the ears is allowed.

• Must be labelled as meeting appropriate standards (EN 1077, CEE 1077, US 2040, or other

standards as defined in FIS Equipment rules) and marked as intended for Alpine skiing (i.e. not Snowboard or any other event/sport).

• A badly-fitting or over-large helmet may significantly reduce the level of protection provided, and may even add to the hazard or contribute to injury.

• A helmet is a vital piece of your competition equipment and should be properly looked after; dropping a helmet on a hard surface can significantly reduce the level of protection it would provide in the event of a fall.

• Any modification of a helmet, including the application of camera mounts, simple stickers or other decoration, is liable to reduce the effectiveness of the helmet as the adhesives can

weaken the shell material. Any such modification (unless carried out in the factory as part of

the original manufacture) may also invalidate the helmet from the point of view of any

insurance cover.

Rules Working Group

British Alpine TD Forum

11th October 2013



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