GB Speed Ski Camp

SpeedSkiThe GB Speed Ski team are running a camp to help GBR athletes get the most speed out of their skis. Under the watchful eyes of Millar Reid, GB Speed Ski coach, ex-team racer and previous record holder we will help you to wring every last km/h of pace out of your skis, and take you faster than you’ve ever gone before. This would be of huge benefit to Alpine racers in Super-G and Downhill who want to increase their raw pace.

You’ll be able to get tips from the rest of the GB team, including Jan Farrell who won the SDH world cup this year. The camp will be on the new speed track in Andorra for a training week in preparation for the World Championships at the end of February. It’s a wide open space, very safe to train in and custom designed for speed skiing. Andorra have even built a new ramp for the World Championships which we will be testing in January. Full details by clicking HERE



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