Helmets for Ski Racing 2016 – Updated rules.

SkiHelmetRules regarding Helmets for Ski Racing 2016,

Please note tha these rules are likely to be enforced at races throughout the Summer Season be it at Local, Regional or National events.

The BCRs and BACRs now Adhere to FIS Equipment Regulations. All ROCs need to be aware that the BCRs

and BACRs now adhere to the FIS Equipment Regulations for Class A and B helmets. Please note the

Northern Hemisphere FIS precision for 2015/16.

Northern Hemisphere Precisions 2015: For FIS level U14 and U16 events throughout the 2015/16 season

GS and SG helmets meeting at least EN 1077 Class A and/or ASTM 2040, or higher standards (SNELL 98 or

new FIS Standard), can be used. The same dispensation will be allowed for BASS and Artificial slope races

for the 2015/16 Winter Season and the 2016 Summer Season.

New Equipment rule 6.2.4: The helmets shall be used without alteration/modification, as certified by

the manufacturer. Furthermore, no additional element/equipment shall be affixed


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