Helmets for U10/12

Helmets for U10/12

The following statement regarding helmets for racing in the U10/12 age group has been agreed with the Board of BSS:

Ski Racing has inherent dangers, including head injury. FIS and British Rules regulate for U14 and up, stipulating EN1077 Class A helmets should be worn for DH/SG and GS, Class B helmets are permitted for SL.

For the U10/12 age groups all helmets must be EN1077 compliant, must be properly fitting with no protrusions, ridges or visors. No cameras or camera mounts may be fitted, nor any other modifications made and there should be no indications of damage. Chin guards are only permitted for slalom and hats should not be worn under the helmet.

All parents are advised to acquaint themselves with the risks of ski racing and the benefit of proper protective equipment to help them select an appropriate helmet. Noting it is a racers responsibility to ensure their equipment is fit for purpose.

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