Hemel Championships 2015 – Start Draw R1, R2, R3, R4

HEM_CN2The Hemel Championships take place this coming Saturday. Our thanks to the centre, all the racers, parents and helpers for making this event possible. Click the link below for the start draw.  draw was completed at random as detailed below using SkiPro v3.021.
Start order: To determine the start order all entries were drawn by computer in age group categories. (U08/U10/U12, U14/U16, U18,U21 & SEN, MA1/2/3/. using in age group categories. (U08/U10/U12, U14/U16, U18,U21 & SEN, MA1/2/3/ using SkiPro v3.021 v3.021. Males race separately from females. The U12/10/08 will compete through a stubby course or reduced full gates. Racers will race in bib order for Run 1 and Run 3 and reversed in the age groups for Run 2. All entries and payment will be on line. A start list will be published and posted on the Internet and at the Ski Centre.

Time table:
1.45 p.m. Arrive at HSC (Slope will be open to other users.) Collect bib and food tickets from outside Snow and Rock on the ground floor.
2.30 p.m. Open practice. (Slope closed to the public BIBS MUST BE WORN)
3.00 p.m. Course Setting. Both Courses Run 1
3.15 p.m. Course inspection.  ALL
3.25p.m. Course inspection ends.
3.40 p.m. Slalom competition – 1st and 2nd run. See below for start order.
5.15p.m. Course Setting Super GS.
5.30 p.m. SGS competition – 1st and 2nd run. Start order will be for both runs as 1st run of the slalom.
7.30 p.m. Award ceremony in bar area..

These times may change according to circumstances. Please listen to Jacqui’s dulcet tones on the PA system. There will be no spare copies of the start list. We ask please that you print your own copies if required.

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