Hemel Club National – Report Ian Poyton (SSE)

Hemel Club National Posted: 24/06/2013

Score (1)It was my first time at a Club National yesterday and immediately as I walked in the Cafe at Hemel there was a buzz about the place. There was no room to move, over 300 parents, racers and helpers were there, each proud parent and competitor was checking their finish on the leaderboard! A list of the full results can be found at http://www.hemelskiraceclub.co.uk/index.php/races-23rd-june-heml-club-national. I got the opportunity to walk around and talk to many of the volunteers and parents who had generously given up their time. One of which was Amanda Rolph who had Ed_Amanleft home, after making sure her daughter was ok at 1am in the morning, at 4 a.m! Being from a Basketball background I always remember my Dad taking me to training at 9pm at night, but this was nothing in comparison – so really its a great credit to all of you who do this week in/week out. As pictured above I also had the opportunity to meet GB athlete Ed Drake. Ed actually introduced himself to me and not the other way round! I have met a few high profile athletes from more “Mainstream” sports but none of these had the time and manners which Ed did. Ed was telling me of his training he is doing coming for the up & coming trails for Team GB. This included playing a wide variety of other sports including Handball, Netball and a dedicated dry-land programme of gym work 4-5 hours a day. Ed I wish you all the luck in the world for your Baylisqualification. Volunteers were performing all kind of roles yesterday. I met Justine Baylis, who again kindly welcomed me to Hemel. Justine was selling raffle tickets to raise much need capital for the club. I liked the look of the Bacardi mojito on offer!!!! Justine introduced to me to her two daughters Arabella Baylis & Francesca Baylis, When I asked them at what age had they started Skiing I was shocked as to their response, said with a smile on their faces, 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girls have had many accolades including Gold in the ERSA SchoolsMasters (1) Regional event and I wish them the best of luck for the future. It clearly pays dividends introducing children to the sport early! It was not only Children that were racing on the day. It was good to see contingent of competitors from the Masters – here are some of the guys from  Hemel/Impulse !!

More photos can be found courtesy of Matt Birch at http://mattbirchpictures.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Hemel-Club-Nationals/C00005ZmzU4z23K0

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