Hemel Club National – Summer 2016 – Entry Procedure or races


The  Summer Season races are now underway, the entering of these events can prove confusing for the first few times.

The Hemel Club National takes place on Saturday 11 June, more details and timings will follow. However the club does need your support at this race. It is, second to the Hemel Championships, the most important race organised by the Club. This race is suitable for all of the membership, old, young, experienced and inexperienced alike. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please consider entering this event. For the entry procedure please see below:

SSE National Races Diary Date: HEMEL CLUB NATIONAL Saturday 11 June . (Club National, GBR and Championship events) all these events, both Indoor and Outdoor, must be pre booked and paid for by the closing date. The closing date is normally the Friday one week before the event (9 days). All may enter these events online at ERSA , PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU ARE ELIGABLE BEFORE ENTERING GBR OR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS. If NOT SSE registered you may still enter the Club National Events, these are the next SMALL step up from the ERSA races and are suitable for all Club Members. You may still enter and pay online but are required to fill in the Athletes Declaration and SSE Day Entry Form. (Click titles to download forms) These must be posted/handed to the race secretary  of the event you are entering before the closing date. Below is information that might prove useful for the novice entrants on how to enter races. Details of all races can be found at http://ersa.co.uk  or http://britski.org  If you have any questions either speak to your trainer or the Hemel Race Manager, Tara McLeish race.manager@hsrc.info .

ERSA and NATIONAL EVENTS, these are entered on line at http://ersa.co.uk . To enter go to “Search Racer” from the left hand task bar. If found follow the instructions, if not found register your details. When this is unlocked you will be able to enter, initially you may enter without payment but it is recommended that you complete payment at the time of entry. Unlike the Hemel booking site you may pay for all entries you are responsible for on the same login. However entries will need to be individual. All ERSA events are taken on a first come basis, they do become full. This year ERSA will accept racers from without the region after the deadline for ERSA racers only.



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