Hemel member at Youth Olympic Games

Yasmin Cooper yogClub member, Yasmin Cooper represented GBR in the Youth Olympic Games held in Lillehammer very recently. A great honour for her. Please read the FULL POST for her report of the once in a lifetime experience. If any members have reports of their races or events please send them to hsrc.reports@hsrc.info

Yasmin’s report:

I have just returned from The Youth Olympic Games in , I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life so far. To be an athlete with Team GB was such a privilege and I felt very proud to be amongst the athletes selected to represent our Country at Lillehammer 2016.

After our Team kit fitting day we flew out to Oslo and I had a few days training before the races started. Super G was my first race, unfortunately, I didn’t complete the course, I came over the roller without the direction I required and wasn’t going to make the gate. Race day 2 was the Super Combined and I felt more comfortable with the hill and was happy to finish 19th, the slalom part of the race went very well and the course suited my style of skiing which led to me feeling confident and I finished with a combined position of 13th.

My GS race was probably the one I was looking forward to the most, I decided I had to push as hard as I could to get the result I wanted, I came out of the top section but I can say that until that point I was very happy with my skiing, the reason I came out was because I was attacking and gave it 100%. I took a couple of risks on the super combined and they paid off, in the GS race they didn’t, some days it pays off and other days it doesn’t. I know that I won’t progress unless I push myself.

Slalom race day and last day of racing, run 1 was a challenging set course, I got late in the line causing me to lose time and having to make big recoveries. The second run went much better and I was happy with my final position. My Lillehammer 2016 results were 2 top 20’s a 13th position and 2 PB’s.

We had a very busy schedule during the 2 weeks in Lillehammer, however during this time there were many opportunities for us to watch and support our team members in their sports and cheer on other countries. I was very fortunate to interview Linsey Vonn with my alpine partner Ian Innes, this was such an amazing experience and something I never thought could happen. We were also on Ski Sunday showing Jenny Jones around the Olympic village, this can be seen at http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/winter-sports/35627598

After having a week of catching up at school, I fly out to Austria on Tuesday where I will be preparing for the Delancey British Championships in Tignes.

Happy Skiing!


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