Hot Box UK Ski-Sharpening Service

hotboxHot Box UK Ski-Sharpening Service

The outdoor dry-slope ski racing season has just started. Are your skis ready to compete??? Sharp and well waxed skis are important for artificial slope races, they give you that very small edge in a sprint race where positions are split by 100ths of a second. It also serves to protect them on the more harsh artificial surface.

Josh Keene, a Hemel Member is offering a ski wax/sharpening service.

Hot Box UK offer a professional ski-sharpening service that will ensure your skis are waxed and sharpened to maximise your racing potential. Hot Box UK will give your skis a 3hr hot box wax treatment followed by a sharpening service (87o – 90o)

Cost: £25 per set of ski’s

Contact: Josh Keane (at Hemel ski club) or

via email at

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