HSRC Championships 2013

Ski_Racer.gifThe HEMEL SKI RACE CLUB Championships take place on Saturday 14th September.  Entry must be completed online and is  available now at http://hsrc.info .

The Race Club Championships are open to all current Hemel Club Members; priority will be given until the 31st August to current members, after this date the race will be opened to Junior Development Group Members, The Snow Centre Instructors and invited racers. Tee Shirts in two colours are also available on the website. These MUST be pre ordered by Sunday 8 September.

The competition consists of 2 timed runs through a slalom course and 2 timed runs through a Super GS course – aggregate of best run from slalom plus best run SGS to count – to determine Hemel’s male and female Champion Skiers 2013 in all age groups and Champion Instructor. “Associate” members are invited to join in the competition, however Hemel’s perpetual trophies or the Snow and Rock Sponsorship are not available to associate members but medals will be awarded if placed.

The race closes on Tuesday 10th September 2013 or before if full. Please book early to ensure your entry is accepted. It is very unlikely late entries will be accepted.

Race Organisers

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