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JudyRJudy Reid’s winter!!!

Update #4 Well a first for me, our Masters FIS GS (night) was cancelled owing to having the wrong flags on the gates!!!! We had inspected and were all stripped off ready to go when they
stopped us, and told us the flags on the gate were not of the velcro type and the TD cancelled the race!!!! Hey ho, still got to finish 3rd in the Bravarian Champs in my age group! and I raced on the world cup piste in Zagreb under floodlights. I was presented with my medals by none other than Mrs Kostelic -wow, what an honour. The Croatians host fab races and the after race party is the best I have ever been to. Worth going to just for the party! Now just hoping that the snow stops before Friday – British Masters – in Megeve.

Update #3 Another weekend of racing completed. Spectacular hill – Zagreb on the world cup piste (but not the verysteep bit!!), at night under huge floodlights! Very cold, but us Brits did OK.
Only 3 of us – myself, Colin Tucker and Graham Rennie. Colin was 2nd in his slalom age group and I managed a 3rd in the GS and 1st in the slalom in my age group. We need as many racers as possible to attend the British Kandahar Masters race in Megeve 8-10 Feb – (easy to get to from Geneva).

Update #2: Wishing good racing to all the Hemel racers coming out for the Welsh Champs. Snow is looking good. A tip for any of you training or racing in minus temperatures. Make your drink up with hot water from the kettle, a small metal flask is best, but if not then use a good sports bottle wrapped in tin foil. It makes the drink so much easier to drink when it is warm and keeps your hands warm as well! Just be aware that when mixing some powders and tablets fizz a lot with hot water!

Update #1: Hurrah – I made points this weekend. Not quite there on slalom 106 but GS – oh yes I made 75!!! – So pleased, even though some of the fastest ladies to compete are in my age group! It is a challenge!

I have completed my first Slalom of the season – got beaten into 4th place by some very quick Italian ladies, But a good day on the hill and looking forward to GS tomorrow (I think). Nice place to ski – Veysonaz which is the 4th valley from Verbier, all linked. Easy to get to as well. Snow is good and it is getting cold again. Now looking forward to the Welsh Champs, even though I  am so much older than all those youngsters. Come on you Mums and Dads, we need more Master skiers.


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