Masters Racing – 2014

WangThanks to Ali Wang for the report of their first years experience in Masters Racing.

So our first stop was Serre Chevalier. Matt, myself and Judy were out there. On the Thursday there was Super G training. Now this was the first time that I had raced since the university races a VERY long time ago, Matt’s first ever alpine races and the first time we had both ever tackled Super G so I was slightly scared! The training run did not help matters, as there was a gate right on the top of a massive kicker and I am certainly not the most confident of skiers over jumps, particularly after my skicross incident where I broke my ribs!

Anyway, we survived the training with a (lot!) of help and encouragement from Judy. Friday was race day. We weren’t sure whether it was going to go ahead in the morning as the visibility was appalling but it did. Judy put down some pretty impressive results, being 7th overall female and 5th in her group, showing just how tough her group is! My run was absolutely appalling because halfway down there was a massive whiteout and I couldn’t even see the gate in front of me so had to scrub a huge amount of speed off. I survived though and got 2nd in my group and Matt came 3rd in his.

The next day saw the slalom. I was feeling much more confident with this, being the only discipline that I’ve actually had any decent amount of training in. After the 1st run, I had a good 2.5 second lead over 2nd place and 4 seconds over 3rd in my group and managed to hold onto that for the second run winning my group! I was so pleased, and especially when everyone was asking where I train and I told them Hemel ! Judy also had some good runs and came 9th overall. Matt unfortunately DNF.

mastersThe next day saw the GS. My run wasn’t brilliant but got 3rd in my group, Matt was 4th in his and Judy came 10th overall scoring some good points as well.

After this, we had a few days training in Thollen with the other British masters which was great fun but hard work! The views over lake Geneva were spectacular and I started to get a bit more confidence in the speed events, having never done them before.

Next stop was Megeve for the British masters. Super G was first on the agenda, and unfortunately Judy DNF. My time was pretty appalling but better than in Serre Chevalier and managed to get 3rd in my group. The next day we had the slalom and were joined by Avelline who unfortunately DNF. I was again 3rd in my group beating Swiss and Luxembourg racers and Judy put down 2 great runs coming 17th overall.

The following day saw the GS. Unfortunately Matt and I didn’t compete for this one as we were snowed in and couldn’t get the car out of our apartment! Judy raced however and just missed out on a top 10 spot, coming 11th overall. Phil Brown also raced and put in a fantastic run, proving that he’s not just a good coach but can actually race too and was crowned the new GBR masters GS champion and coming 14th overall.

All in all it was an excellent (but tireing!) few days and we can’t wait to do it all again in Zagreb in a few weeks time 🙂

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