HSRC Club Kit

New Hemel Ski Race Club kit We have been busy working on a complete new kit for this year, with a new and bespoke design of clothing and a revamped and distinctive logo. A lot of thought has gone in to keeping the Hemel Ski Club colours whilst making the kit stand out and look …

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Dash for CA$H

The ERSA sponsor, Team Evolution, are once again holding their charity “Dash for CA$H” event. This race is open to all racers, registered or not, so if you think you are fast enough to win the cash please come along and have a go. A free BBQ will be provided for all entrants courtesy of …

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Hemel Club National – June 8 2019 – Entry Procedure

The Hemel Club National takes place on Saturday 8 June, The club does need your support at this race. It is, second to the Hemel Championships, the most important race organised by the Club. This race is suitable for all of the membership, old, young, experienced and inexperienced alike. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please consider …

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First Year Racer Registration

First-year performer registration for English and Welsh U12 & U10 (year of birth 2008-2011) is FREE For those born years of birth 2008 -2011 inclusive you may register/join  the National Governing Body of Skiing (Snowsport England) FREE of charge for the first year, this is a saving of £20.00+. There are a number of benefits …

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HSRC Racer, Seb Ison, represent GB

Seb Ison HSRC Racer, Seb Ison, selected to represent GB at the Junior Freestyle World Championships. Following a strong performance at the World Championships in NZ last year and moving up to the senior GB Ski Cross squad to race in the Europa Cup this season, Seb has again been selected for the Junior World …

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Summer Races 2019

ERSA Summer Races ERSA have now released, apart from the championships, all of the Regional Summer Races. These are available for entry on the ERSA site.The ERSA and Hemel Club Nationals are also open for entry either on the ERSA site or on the SSE entry site Entry for the Hemel Club National will also …

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HSRC Trip to Landgraaf BASS Races 2019

HSRC Trip to Landgraaf BASS Races Now Confirmed Saturday 25th to Monday 27th May Book Now, availability limited Open to all Hemel Members The Landgraaf SSE BASS Races have now been confirmed for 25th to 27th May 2019. HSRC have always attendance at these events and once again the club are organising a trip for members …

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ERSA Summer Series 2019

ERSA have now released all the summer league events for entry. The ERSA champs and National Events in the region will also be added to the site shortly. ERSA will have live timing this year at all races within the region. As an example test races can be found at http://vola-publish.com/ersa/ Click “Show next races” …

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ERSA Summer League Series 2019

ERSA have now opened the Summer League races for entry. This series is suitable for all of the Hemel membership be it novice, experienced or a first timer. Enter online at ERSA ENTRY

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ERSA Summer League – WGC

ERSA have now released the first race of the Summer League Series. The Welwyn SL will take place on Sunday 28 April, suitable for all racers regardless of experience. Enter now, pay before closing date. ERSA Schools entry also open.

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What happens at an ERSA Race

Taken a few years ago this film gives an insight to the ERSA series. Fun events suitable for all be it novice, experienced or racing for the first time.

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English Alpine Champs – check entries

English Alpine Champs – check entries Fri 1 Feb 19 The closing date for the English Alpine Champs is nearly here! If you have not yet entered then please do so immediately – once we reach the closing date we cannot guarantee that there will be any space left in this very popular competition! If …

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Club member Josh Barfoot in Slovak Cup

Congratulations to club member, Josh Barfoot<  in the Slovak Cup, 4 races and 4 podiums, he has also been nominated for Team Slovak to compete in Slovakia, Chez Republic and Croatia. Lots of travelling now, ski fast and safe.

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Clubs on national seed lists

As the winter races continue followed by the Summer series of races it is important that the club names that appear on the national seed lists – and therefore the clubs that show up on competition start lists and results which are part of your registration with your chosen Home Nation. If you are not seeing …

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INVITE ENGLISH ALPINE 2019, Closing date Monday 4 February, RACE ENTRY DETAILS To participate in the 23rd English Alpine Championships, British competitors in age groups U14 and above must be registered with their Home Nation. All competitors must have a current insurance policy that permits them to ski race. The Organising Committee may require proof …

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HSRC Racer, Seb Ison

FIS Ski X at Falls Creek HSRC Racer, Seb Ison, selected onto GB Ski Cross Senior Squad Hemel Ski Race Club Member, Seb Ison, has been rewarded with selection onto the GB Ski Cross Squad following a highly successful 2018 season and a 12th place at the Junior World Champs in NZ last August. Seb …

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Team EVO Speed Races

SG yesterday cancelled due conditions, GS run instead. Today is a Slalom day, if you can find the finish. View from timing hut!

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FIS Masters Cup Races

Please see below re details for training prior to the British Masters champs due to he held in Chatel from 1-3 Feb. All Masters welcome. Prior to the FIS Masters Cup races which we will be hosting in Chatel from 1-3 Feb, we will be arranging training as follows: 28-29 Jan: Thollon 30-31 Jan: Chatel …

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Hemel Masters in Norway

A team of Hemel Ski Race Club Masters (Stephen Campbell, Shiobhan Duffy, Anna Harrison, Ali Hills, Alistair King, Rob Morgan and John Urquhart) spent a week training in Gol, Norway, from 8th to 15th of December. The Adult Training Camp focussed on technique and developping skills in disciplines beyond regular slalom such as GS and Super …

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Changes to British Competition Equipment (Ski) Rules

What. The British Competition Equipment (Ski) rules are changing to allow the use of non-regulation skis in all races except ‘National’ level events. National level events are the three HN Championships (Welsh, Scottish and English) and the British National Championships; at these events full BCR (or FIS as relevant) Equipment Regulations remain in place. When. …

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Renew your Home Nations registration now!

The opening BASS lists for the 2018-19 Winter season are due to be published on Wednesday 12th December. This means you only have about three weeks to renew your HN Alpine Competitor registration if you want to be sure you are included on the lists that will be used for the first races of the …

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