Races 13th & 14th July

TAL_Ch TeamThis weekend saw two very different races in Tallington and Manchester. Even though both races were of a very different standard both were suitable for the majority of club members, certainly Tallington, the ERSA Summer League, was open to all. The last of the GBR indoor series at Manchester was aimed at  slightly higher level. HSRC was represented at both events. Tallington is a small slope near Peterborough ideally suited for those that have never competed on the plastic slopes. The atmosphere at this slope is excellent, people sit very close to the action at the bottom of the slope. ERSA are lways assured of a warm welcome andcontary to belief the journey to the slope is very easy, even if you do get “mislead” through Stamford.

All pictures from Sunday at Tallington can be found at


A good days racing in the sunshine at Tallington with the highlight being a win for the Hemel Childrens Team in the Team event. The team comprised of Matt Penning-Lambert, Elise Snow, Nicole Sherring, Carys Boty and Charlie Humphreys. Many other good results were recorded.

Guiletta Bardetti has raced most of the season in the U08 girls category and was placed 2nd being piped by a Tallington racer. Her sister Romana Brdetti won he U10 girls group and Sophie Gibson was placed 3rd.

Nicola Sheering continued her very good form by being placed 2nd overall and 1st in the U14 girls. Elise Snow was 4th overall and 1st in the U16 girls category. Carys Boty was 3rd. Nia Boty had 3 good runs and finished 3rd in the U12’s. Sienna Bardetti was 12th in the same highly competitive group.

The boys also performed well with Josh Penning-Lambert coming 1st in the U16’s, Harry Boty, in the very difficult U18 group came 7th, Gianluca Bardetti came 8th. . Charlie Humphreys was also 7th in the younger U14 group. Marco Bardetti, as ell as running up and down the slope looking after 4 children, competed in a VERY competiti9ve MA2 group. He was placed 9th.

So here’s a bit of feedback to the races we did last weekend.

 Report from Alison Wang

Matt and I raced in GBR (indoor) 5&6 At Manchester. There were a few other Hemel members there inc. Shana (u14), Robert Trebilcock (u21), Tom Grant (u18), Dexter lee (u14), and John Norris (mas), Caroline Powell (u21)

Think everyone thought we were nuts going inside to -3 temps when it was 30 degrees outside ! Ha-ha great fun though. 

Anyway I did ok- 1st place in mas ladies both days (and now 1st mas ladies overall in the series). Matt got DNF on sat but did well on sun completing both runs for the first time in about a month! He also beat me so now we are even (8-all this season so far so I’m determined to get him back at the all England at the end of aug!)

On the sat, Caroline was 4th female overall and 1st in her group, Shana 1st in her group, Robert 2nd overall male and 1st in his group, Tom grant 2nd in his group, Dexter lee 1st in his group, and John 3rd mas.

Sun, Shana 2nd in her group, Robert 2nd overall male and 1st in his group, Tom grant 2nd in his group and 7th overall, Dexter 1st in his group, and John Norris 3rd mas.

A pretty successful weekend I would say!  Now looking forward to a few weeks of rest and relaxation before its back to it 🙂


Up in Manchester on the indoor snow Hemel members also competed with those that did race having very good results. In the ladies group Caroline Powell was placed 4th overall and 1st in the U21 group. Shanna Danenbergsons was positioned 1st in the U14 and Alison Wang also topped her group by coming 1st in the MAS age group. In the men’s competition Robert Trebilcock was placed 1st in the U21 category and 2nd overall. Thomas Grant had a strong competition and finished 2nd in the U18’s. Dexter Lee continued his good form and was placed 1st in the U14. John Norris was 3rd in the MAS, unfortunately Matt Wang DNF Run 1.

On Sunday in the GBR 6 race, last in the series, Shanna Danenbergsons was place 2nd in the U14 age group and Alison Wang once again won the MAS group. The men’s event saw fierce competition for top spot with Robert Trebilcock being bettered by 3 hundredth’s of a second to be placed 2nd overall. He was however placed 1st in the U21 group. Thomas Grant was again 2nd in the U18,s. Dexter Lee once again podiumed by being placed 1st in the U14, a good weekend for him. John Norris was placed 3rd again in the MAS and Matthew Wang finished the day by being placed 5th in the MAS group.

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