Races – 14 & 15 June – Hemel CN, Bromley CN and Scottish Champs/GBR at Braehead

HemCNA busy weekends racing for Hemel members competing in events up and down the UK. Sunday saw our own Club National Event at the Snow Centre. Saturday was the Bromley Club National and the GBR 3 race at Braehead in Glasgow. Sunday, in Braehead was the indoor Scottish Championships.

The Hemel Club National took place on Sunday with an entry of 147 racers, this was down on last year by nearly 50 people. A good, slick run event which stayed to the timetable all day. Courses were set by Jon Reidy, Nia Jenkins and Matt Thompson. The format followed the normal CN indoor race. For the U14+, 2 runs aggregated for awards, both though seeded separately. For the U12 we held 3 runs through the stubbies with 1 run to count. This was followed by the ERSA GS. A very big thank you to the Snow centre for their sponsorship and to all the helpers that helped make the day a success. We had the top 16 in the girls/ladies event and the top 8 in the boys/men event.

The results are at:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82688728/HemRes.pdf

Too many good results to mention but well done to the overall winners,

1 57 19159 1998 (1) HENDERSON Anna HEM HEM AMB 12.41 12.54 24.95

2 65 19137 1998 (2) COOPER Yasmin HEM HEM BSA 12.92 12.65 25.57

3 64 18318 2000 (1) KRAHELSKI Alicja HEM HEM TEL 13.12 12.96 26.08


1 107 14575 1997 (1) POTH Robert HEM HEM K 12.01 11.77 23.78

2 108 17467 1993 (1) TREBILCOCK Robert HEM HEM HEM 12.01 11.79 23.80

3 102 14350 1996 (1) POTH Daniel HEM HEM 12.05 11.84 23.89


The Bromley Club National took place in glorious sunshine on Saturday; The course was set by Emily Evans and had 10 gates on the short Bromley Slope.

In the girls U12 race through the stubby course Emma TRUST was place 1st. In the girls/ladies event Charlotte TAPSELL was placed 5th overall and second in the U14 group. Issy TREW was 2nd in the U16 whilst Ellie ORCHARD finished 4th in the U14’s. Nicole Sheering, who had a great 2nd run DNF both Run 1 and Run 2 so was not placed.

In the boys/mens race Harry BOtY was 4th in the U18 whilst being placed 290th overall. Toby CASE continued his good form and finished 1st in the U14, 23rd overall. Charlie HUMPHREY was 43RD and very closely followed by Alex TRUST in 44TH position.


In Scotland on the Saturday, a few Hemel members, all male, made the 900 mile round trip to compete in the 3rd race in the GBR series. After a protest with the results Georgie HUNT was placed into 2nd position, being relegated from first. Georgie was 1st MAS. Finley DAVIS had a good day finishing in 8th position overall but being placed top of the podium in the U16 in 1st place. Josh KEANE was placed 2nd U21 and 9 overall.

Newest member of the club, Richard McDONALD PROCTOR finished 21st. Whilst Georgie, Fin and Josh returned home to take part in the Hemel CN Richard McDONALD PROCTOR took part in the Scottish Championships. Good day finishing 11th overall.

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