Races 15th & 16th June.

Correct way round polesA weekend of races saw the Vikings ERSA Summer League at Ipswich and two races up in Glasgow at Braehead, the GBR Indoor 4 race and the Scottish Indoor Championships. Hemel had a few members at both these venues, would have had 5 more at Ipswich if Marco had not spent the day in a service station on the A14 waiting for the car to be repaired. That was with 4 children in the car as well, our feelings go out to him.

It was a family day for our members at Ipswich on the Sunday with Joshua being the only single family member racing. We did ask Aubrey but he was having none of it. Our members did very well considering how strong a field it was. For the second time in two weeks at the Vikings we saw some very good racers. Unlike the week before the weather was good and the sprinklers came in to play to good effect. In the U12 girls Nia Boty came second whilst in the U12 boys Alfie Turner was placed 9th. He did beat his dad, Ollie, though as he thought the quickest way down the slope was near enough straight down the middle. Not a bad effort for a first ever race but to see a 10 year old lad explaining in graphical terms to his dad about the way to go around the course was a sight to see. Well done though to Ollie, it can only get better and if not Alfie will tell him. In the U14 girls Lydia Bradley came 9th as well. Her dad, Stephen, matched her,  although 4 seconds slower, and  came 9th in the MA3 event. Carys Boty came 3rd in the U16 girls and brother Harry came 6th in the U18 boys race. Our single racer, Joshua Penning Lambert came 10th overall and 2nd in the U16 age group.The Wang family made it a double gold weekend with Ali and Matt winning the MA1 one competition. Tradition says that we announce that Ali was the quickest.

In Glasgow at the GBR race Matthew Thomson came 2nd overall and 1st in the U21, Kieran Norris was placed 4th in theU21. Dad John Norris was 3rd in the MAS competition.

On the Sunday in the Scottish Champs Matthew Thompson was placed 2nd and Kieran Norris 3rd  in the U21 race. John Norris again came 3rd in the MAS category.

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