Races 16 & 17 August – BIGP 5 – European Championships

BISSRaces 16 & 17 August – BIGP 5 – European Championships

Whilst most were taking the Summer Break two races were held at Castleford over the weekend. The Saturday was the last in the series of the BIGP (colloquially known as the Graham Beck series) and the Sunday saw the European Indoor Championships, although very few entries from mainland Europe took part. As was to be expected from races this time of the year entries were on the low side with just over 100+ athletes entered on both days.

Hemel members competed on both days and had very good results. On Saturday the course was set by Andrew Hjort set the U12 course, 16 gates were set with 16 turns. As was normal the U12 raced through the stubbies with the best to count, the U14+ through the full poles with both runs to count. The main course was set by Richard Breese and Lee Cosham, 15 and 16 gates respectively. Hemel had no entries in the U12 event. In the main event Cameron MANSON, just back from the week of Landgraaf Summer training, finished 5th overall, that placed her 3rd in the U18’s. Judy REID was 1st in the MAS group.

The boys/men event saw excellent results. With Georgie Hunt not being able to attend Rob POTH had a relatively clear run, although pushed close by Callum Henderson, was placed first. Robert TREBILCOCK, who was the overall winner of the series finished 3rd very closely followed by Dan POTH in 4th. This placed Dan 1st in the U21’s. Richard McDONALD-PROCTOR was 15th overall, 3rd in the U18 group. In the MAS group John NORRIS was placed 4th followed by Matt WANG in 6th place. In the U14 category Dominic BARTON was 13th and William McDONALD-PROCTOR was 15th.

On Sunday the Indoor European Championships were held. The u12 courses were set by Richard Breese (17 gates) and the main event courses by Richard Breese (15 gates) and Conway Williams (17 gates). Once again there were no Hemel members competing in the U12 age group. In the main event Charlotte TAPSELL was 6th overall, 2nd in the U14’s and Cameron MANSON very close behind by 00.01s in 7th overall and 3rd in the U18’s. Judy REID completed a double by finishing 1st MAS.

The boys/men competed on the same courses. Hemel dominated the podium with Rob POTH, Rob TREBILCOCK and Dan POTH coming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Well done guys. John NORRIS improved from the previous day and finished 2nd in the MAS. Dominic BARTON was 11th U14’s. Matt Wang unfortunately dnf Run 1.

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