Races 3 & 4 May – Pendle CN and Pendle GBR

GBR_HNGBThe double header of the Pendle Club National and the Pendle GBR took place over the bank holiday weekend. Whilst much of the club were in the fridge at Landgraaf one lone member made the long trip up to the lake district. Toby CASE was the Hemel representitive and performed up to his normal high standard. Toby has now moved to the older age groups into the U14. Whereas last year he was the one to beat the competition this year is much more competitive. In the Club National event Toby CASE was placed 26th overall and 4th in the U14 group. The GBR event held the following day put Toby CASE up into 18th overall and on the podium in 2nd position in the U14.

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