Races 5 & 6 July – ERSA CN, ERSA SL and GBR Outdoor 6.

VikingsThe weekend of the 5 and 6 July saw races take place at Welwyn with the final Club National of the season in the ERSA region, the 5th Summer League Race at the Vikings and the 6th Outdoor GBR race at Gloucester. These had varying levels of entry with the Summer League having 150 entries, the ERSA CN, a disappointing 105 and the Gloucester GBR a more disappointing entry of just over 80.

The weekend started in a very wet Welwyn with the Club National. A decent field, although low saw a few Hemel members compete in a very full days racing, normal CN (3 runs), GS (1 run) and for the first time all the U12 took place in a head to head knockout. ERSA also ran the very popular TOP 32 for the main racers. The Welwyn Ski Race Club donated £50.00 prize winnings for the winner of the top u12 head to head and for the TOP 32.

A very wet day saw Jon Reidy set a really challenging course. Many of the racers dnf/dsq Run 1 as the course was not given the respect it deserved. The other 2 runs were better completed. Jon set 12 stubby gates with 12 turns. In the U10’s Boys on the stubby course, only one run to count, Oscar LOUTH finished 3rd. In the U12 boys Charlie NEWTON was 5th, very closely followed by Thomas REIDY in 6th. Nia BOTY topped the podium in 1st place in the U12 girls event and Emma TRUST was 2nd.

For the main event there was one less gate with 11, however it transpired that there were two ways that the bottom 3 gates could be skied. The normal route, which kept the rhythm, or the alternative which made the last turn “tight” but inserted a banana gate. What was faster? The girls tended to favour the standard route whereas the top boys went for it, this really did make some interesting and exciting racing. The Ladies/Girls started the event. Charlotte TAPSELL had a good day and finished overall in 3rd place, this made her 1st in the U14 group. Eleanor TREW also finished top of the podium in 1st place in the U16 girls, followed very closely by Nicole SHERING in 2nd place. Elise SNOW was just pipped into making it 1, 2, 3 for Hemel and finished 4th. Eleanor SCRANAGE-HARRISON was 11th overall, Lilly and Danielle HAWKINS finished very closely together in 14th and 15th positions respectively. Unfortunately Zara Hawkins dnf/dsq runs 1 and 2 so was not placed. Isobel Trew and Amy Peterson dnf run 3.

The boys/men followed, same course. Toby CASE was the highest placed member, he finished 12th overall and 2nd in the U14. Byron APPLETON was placed 3rd U14 boy, Tony SHARPP was 2nd MAS, 26th overall, with Charley HUMPHREYS and Alex TRUST finishing 27th and 28th. Dominic BARTON was 34th.William Newton and Harry Boty failed to complete the first two runs so were not placed. Richard TREW dnf Run 3 so again was not placed. A great days racing that deserved a better attendance, a well run race finished and dusted by 1430.

Sunday, another race, another place but the weather the same, wet and windy. ERSA held their summer league evbent up in Ipswich at the Vikings. Big shout for those that raced Saturday and then trekked to East Anglia for the 5th ERSA SL In the U08 girls Holly TUTT continued her winning ways by finishing 1st. In the boys U10 Oscar Louth finished 7th. Holly ARLOTT was placed 4th. In the girls U14 Charlotte TAPSELL was top podium in 1st, Eleanor SCRANAGE-HARRISO was 3rdByron APPLETON had a majestic crash in the team event but before that gained a credible 2nd place in the boys U14. Charley HUMPHRIES was 6th. Nicol SHERING, continuing her good form was 1st in the girls U16. Not a vast amount of entries from Hemel but they did the club proud.

Also on Sunday was GBR 6 at Gloucester, the onlyentry that made the trek to the west was Toby CASE who was 25th overall, 2nd in the U14 age group.

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