Races 6th & 7th July

Bart_Evo_ErsaRace Weekend – 6th and 7th July.

This weekend saw races up and down (or across the country) at Hemel, Gloucester and Castleford. The major event, in the terms of Hemel, was the ERSA Summer League at the centre. Not the best place to be on a beautiful hot summer’s day. However as normal Hemel ran a slick to time competition. Hemel had a lot of entries and all results are at http://www.ersa.co.uk/2013_races Photographs were taken by DePhoto0, these can be viewed at http://www.dephoto.biz/.  To many results to mention but Hemel had many good podium positions, a few noticeable results were Cordelia Stevens in the U10 girls being placed 1st with Romana Bardetti coming 2nd. In the U8 girls her sister, Giuietta Bardetti was place 2nd and in the U10 boys Thomas Beglin came 3rd.

In the main event in the Under 12 Girls Eleanor Scrange Harrision was placed 1st whilst Caroline Gay pushed her all the way and was placed 2nd. In the U14 girls we had a clean sweep with Alicja Krahelski, Nicole Sheering an Shanna Danenbergusons coming 1st, 2nd ,3rd. In the U14 boys we also was placed top with Dexter Lee beating the field by over half a second.

In the U16 age group Yasmin Cooper was placed 1st and Elise Snow 2nd. In the U18 girls Marie Curtis tied for 1st place with a Norfolk racer. In the U18 boys we once again took all honours with late entry, Tom Henderson, taking pole followed by Richard Warmington and Luca Reidy.

Once again the U21 male age group saw Robert Trebilcock being placed 1st followed by Max Greenfield and Alex Reidy in position 2 and 3. The Senior men saw an impressive result from Georgie Hunt who was also the overall male winner of the day. Masters Racer Anna Tutt, in her second race was placed 1st in the MA1 category. In the Masters 2 group, one of our trainers, Holly Stevens be placed 2nd. Masters 2 men saw Alan Lyons in 2nd just pip Tony Sharpe coming 3rd.

Overall Hemel had really good results with Yasmin Cooper coming 1st overall followed by Elise Snow and Nicole Sheering. In the male event Georgie Hunt was placed 1st and Robert Trebilcock 3rd.

All results again at http://www.ersa.co.uk/2013_races

GBR_HNGBThe other races that took place were the last in the outdoor GBR Series of races. Once again the circus returned to Gloucester for races 5 and 6. Hemel had a few members who decided to go for the sunshine rather than the fridge. On Saturday in Race 5 Toby Case destroyed the field by nearly a second. Our other attendees saw Alison Wang winning the MAS age group.

On the Sunday with hot sweltering sunshine Toby Case finished 1st in the boys event. A little more competition, winning by 0.36 sec on the 22 gate stubby course. In the main event unfortunately Alison Wang was a DSQ in run 2 after being first in the Run 1. In the male event Carlito Miracco DNF Run 1.


The other event was the British Indoor Grand Prix Series, race 3 and 4, run by Lions Ski Club. This was also held in a fridge at Castleford on the indoor snow. When results are known a report will be published.

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