Races – 7 & 8 June – ERSA SL, LonSch, RAV CN, GBR 5 and the Twin Peaks.

Bart_Evo_ErsaA BUSY WEEKEND OF RACING UP AND DOWN THE COUNTRY. The ERSA Summer League took place at MK with 75+ Hemel Members competeing. Just down the road at Welwyn was the London Schools Race, at Sunderland was the Ravens Club National on Saturday and GBR 5 on Sunday. Yet further north at Hillend, Edinburgh was the Twin Peaks. 175 racers at MK, 185 at the Twin Peaks, 140 at London Schools, 73 at Ravens CN and just over 50 at the Sunderland GBR.

The ERSA race on Sunday at MK was well supported once again by members throughout the region, a very good turnout from Hemel Members saw some good exciting racing. The event followed normal indoor Snow format, 2 runs of Slalom, 2 Runs of GS and then the Evolution Top 32 Pro Slalom.

To many racers to note all individually but excellent results from all, both new and established racers. We dominated the mens event with Georgie HUNT being placed top of the podium, Kieran NORRIS 2nd, James BENNETT 3rd and Robert TREBLICOCK 4th. We continued the good form in the Girls Event with Anna HENDERSON 1st and Yasmin COOPER 2nd. In the U12 Katie BARDER was first and Emma TRUST 3rd. All the results can be found at http://ersa.co.uk/sites/default/files/racing/results/2014/2014_44_overallpdf.pdf

A number of the Hemel Members also represented their schools at the London Schools Race. This was the

Inaugural event and proved popular at a hot and sunny Welwyn slope. These results can be found at http://www.lsersa.org/races14/london/index.html when published.

Our lone member who made the trip to Sunderland was Toby Case. In the Club National on Saturday Toby CASE was placed 14th overall and 2nd in in the U14’s. On Sunday in the GBR,  a very low entry, Toby CASE finished in 9th position but this time 1st in the U14 age group.

Even further north was the very popular, at least with Scottish based racers,  Twin Peaks Race at the steep, long slope at Hillend. However there were no English entered  competitors based south of Sunderland.

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