Races March 13 & 14 – The Aiglon Challenge Cup 2014

AiglonThe Aiglon Challenge Cup 2014 took place in Villars, Switzerland, on the 13th and 14th March. Charlotte TAPSELL was the only Hemel Member who took part in the GS and Slalom Events. The GS was the first of these events; the weather was Sunny and Warm with a temperature of +6.

As is normal in the U14 events two runs were completed as separate events for seeding purposes but the combined times were used for awards. The full results can be found on http://britski.org Charlotte TAPSELL in the Gils U14 finished 3rd in both races.

The following day saw the Slalom event, again in the U14 two runs were made, each seeded separately. Charlotte  was again our only entrant. She finished 1st in Run 1 and 2nd in Run 2. This made her 1st overall.

Next week on Monday and Tuesday the Interschools Challenge takes place in Les Houches, France. Hemel have many members taking part representing their schools. We wish them all the best, ski fast and safe.

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