Renew your Home Nations registration now!

The opening BASS lists for the 2018-19 Winter season are due to be published on Wednesday 12th December. This means you only have about three weeks to renew your HN Alpine Competitor registration if you want to be sure you are included on the lists that will be used for the first races of the 2019 season.

If you know you are going to be racing at any point during the Winter season, it makes everything so much easier for everyone involved if you renew now rather than leaving it to the last minute. If you to leave it until later then you risk not being attributed with the correct seed points and thus may not end up in your rightful place on the start list.

While you are renewing, please take a moment to check that you have the correct Club affiliation in the system – one club for UK artificial slope (BARTS) races and one for snow (BASS) races. If you get it right now then the correct club should appear on all the start lists and results!

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