SXPC Ski-X sessions at The Snowcentre

Have you heard about the SXPC skiercross sessions that Ed Drake, Gregg Samuels and Sally Bartlett run up at Hemel Snow Centre?

What is Ski-X?
In a nutshell, it’s one of the best ways to improve your skiing and a great compliment to race training, freestyle skiing, instructor training or holiday skiing. Ski-X helps improve your balance, your spatial awareness, your confidence and of course your overall skiing performance – and most importantly it’s great fun! Each session will involve technique work and a feature that varies each week – rollers, kickers, starts and lots more.

Nancy Louth posted this great little video of Hemel race club member, Oscar taking part in one of the sessions.

When do the sessions run?
The SXPC sessions run fortnightly with the next session running on Thursday  17 September from 7pm – 9pm.

Who can come?
It’s open to confident parallel skiers of ANY age group (including adults, don’t be shy!!)

Have a look at the SXPC website for all the information on how to sign up to have a go:

If you’re interested or have any questions just email Ed on>

Sally will be taking the next session so hopefully she’ll see you there.


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