What is Ski Cross, this is Ski Cross.

Ski_CrossClick “Full post”, “Read more” to see whats its all about. Ski Cross (also known as Skiercross or Skier-X) is a type of skiing competition. It is based on the snowboarding discipline of boardercross. Despite its being a timed racing event, it is often considered part of freestyle skiing because it incorporates terrain features traditionally found in freestyle.

In a time trial or qualification round, every competitor skis down the course, which is built to encompass both naturally occurring terrain and artificial features like jumps, rollers, or banks. After the time trial, the fastest 32 skiers (fastest 16 if not 32 competitors) compete in a knockout (KO)-style series in rounds of four. A group of four skiers start simultaneously and attempt to reach the end of the course. The first two to cross the finish line will advance to the next round. At the end, the final and semi-final rounds determine 1st to 4th and 5th to 8th places, respectively. Competitors are not allowed to pull or push each other during the KO finals. Any intentional contact to the other competitors will be penalized by disqualification or exclusion from the next race.

The addition of ski cross as a freestyle discipline drew widespread criticism throughout the freestyle skiing community. Most freestyle skiers believe that Ski Cross should be considered an Alpine discipline rather than a Freestyle discipline. Ski Cross athletes almost exclusively come from alpine programs.


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