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skitruistThe Skiers Trust has had a long association with the National Governing Bodies and the Alpine Ski Club and we have provided a considerable number of Financial Grants each year to Groups and Individuals from Great Britain of all skiing disciplines.

Our Web-Site sets out who we are and what we aim to achieve:

Our support over the years has reached far and wide and we are modestly proud of the fact that through, in part, our financial support, many successful British Athletes have gone on to achieve considerable success in the world of skiing including .:

  • Emma Carrick-Anderson
  • Martin Bell
  • Mike Dixon
  • Sarah Lewis

The trust meets twice a year to consider grant applications.  If you wish to apply for a grant please use the application forms on the skiers trust website.  Applications close at the end of March and August those missing the deadline will be held over until the next meeting.   SnowCamp requires a special mention as they fit specifically into the mission statement of the trust.  Snow-Camp is an innovative youth charity that uses a unique combination of skiing, snowboarding and life-skills programmes to support inner-city young people.  Through the combination of snowsports and life-skills, their programmes enable young people to grow in confidence and self esteem, develop as individuals and make positive choices for their lives.  Snow-Camp programmes also enable young people to reflect on the key issues impacting their day to day lives, and help them develop new skills to support their futures – particularly towards careers in the snowsport industry.

What is less well known is the Bespoke Fund system, where Individuals or Parents can fundraise for their own projects by finding Donors themselves that make donations to the Skiers Trust which is specifically restricted to a named Beneficiary.  The Trust can then use its Charitable Status to apply for a Tax Refund from HM Revenue & Customs, so long as the Donor makes the donation out of their taxed income.  Details and Application forms can be found on our website.

Our involvement in British skiing increases year by year and we are always looking to increase our activities as we offer financial support where possible, but it is possible that a number of potential Grant Recipients are unaware of how we might help.  With Sochi just around the corner – in fact barely weeks away, this is the time when (hopefully) the country’s attention is drawn to Winter Sports and there may well be a rush of enthusiasm post these Winter Olympics to take up the sport – possibly through the Club.

We have been of assistance to many Members of Ski Clubs to date, (although not Clubs themselves).  Additionally, we are also giving / have given support to several Members of Hemel Ski Race Club including some of whom are listed below, and therefore wish to expand our assistance to others, who may also need financial support in their skiing.

  • Yasmin Cooper
  • Joseph Gibbins
  • Anna Henderson
  • Joshua Penning-Lambert
  • Daniel Poth
  • Robert Poth
  • Rachelle Rogers
  • Alex White
  • Adam Lambert
  •  A.N Other

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