The Skiers Trust Olympic Appeal! !

SkiersTrustThe Skiers Trust Olympic Appeal! !

The Olympic appeal will be for the national teams of each discipline of snow sports from Alpine to Freestyle to Nordic to Biathlon and Snowboard. These disciplines are very different but begin with the basic techniques of Alpine and Cross Country.! !

The Teams! !

There are now 60 events and seven acknowledged disciplines of snowsports in the Olympics and over 130 competitors in British teams seriously lacking the funding of other sports. This needs to be changed for the UK to regain its position as the founder and inspiration for winter sports.! ! The traditional means of fund raising have not produced significant amounts of funds. During the last few years a method of raising funds has been introduced from North America. It is now established in the UK with 20 to 30 crowd funding organisations being established in Britain. ! !

Method of Donating! !

When a large audience is reached, you do not actually need to ask for a huge amount of financial support, just an amount that is affordable to many that represents a quick decision and most importantly, is easy to give.! Just Text Giving provides the perfect solution.! Just Text Giving is an association between the organisation Just Giving and Vodafone. It is a way of donating by text where the supporter can donate a maximum of £10 and up to three £10 donations per day. The donation is added to the monthly bill of the subscriber and the funds are then transferred from Vodafone to Just Giving. All mobile networks can be used. With Just Text Giving, the normal 5% Just Giving administration fee is financed by Vodafone. At the same time the donor can fill out a gift aid form and Just Giving will be refunded 25% from HMRC. !

The objective!

The intention is to reach 100,000 people all donating just £10 per annum. This will be done by groups who have a vested interest in pledging to help raise funds.! We the skiers should be supporting our national team more than any other, so we should be approaching the ski clubs of the UK of which there are more than 100 having a membership of well in excess of 100 on average. If a hundred people from each club find ten people each to donate £10 we will have exceeded the target.! !

To donate! !

Just text £10 with code SKIT14 to 70070. This will then generate a return text asking for name and address required to make a donation eligible for gift aid. At the same time you can send a message to the team of your choice making it clear which team you want the money to go to.! ! Alpine, Nordic, Biathlon, Snowboard, Ski Cross, Board Cross, Telemark, Freestyle, Slope style or Half Pipe.! ! Each person who donates £10 with a gift aid form will receive a Skiers Trust Olympic Appeal Car Sticker. Each person who successfully gets 10 people to donate with gift aid will get a Skiers Trust Lapel badge. Each person who gets each of these ten to recruit ten more people i.e. 100 people donating a total £1000 will become a life member of the trust with full voting rights as well as an invitation to all trust functions such as the House of Lords Reception. Their name will be entered in the trust roll of honour on Facebook and the trust website.

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