Update – Welwyn August 25

WgcSLThere has been a new report prepared for the insurance company at Gosling centre.

In conversation with Gosling Ski Slope yesterday. The slope unfortunately is still closed. LSERSA have cancelled their SL race on the 6 September and moved it to Brentwood. There are a few more events scheduled at Welwyn in the coming month. It is suggested you check with the organisers for the latest update of their event. However Gosling advise us that the likelihood of the slope opening before the middle of September are remote but they are working hard to rectify reported problems and open asap.

Gosling have had Snow Sport England visit the site and conduct their own survey on the slope and the signs are encouraging, the insurance company were asking for some items to be concluded following on from that report. SSE  re-visited the slope recently to sign off works that have been completed by Gosling and other specialist contractors. A report will be passed to the insurers with an anticipation of reopening the slope.

It is still expected that ERSA will be able to run the ERSA Champs at Welwyn at the end of September. The actual date when Welwyn will become operational again is yet to be decided.

If there is any update we will let people know as quickly as possible.

To enter the champs, both the snow and dry side, please go ERSA.


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