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The new Hemel site is up and running, after a lot of tweaks and modifications we think we have achieved  a user friendly experience. The site is now open for all current club members (login or setup an account on the right) and once authorised you will be able to post your own news be it “for sale”, “race results”, “lost items” (very popular with some) and any other item you feel may be of interest to fellow members. Please visit  http://www.hemelskiraceclub.co.uk to start the experience. Browse the posts and pages in the top title bar. If members have their own sites we can also promote a link to those. Please visit the site and register, you can use any email address and password even if it has been used for the booking portal. Initially all post will me monitored and authorised but the idea is that once we have a history of posts we can open it up so they go immediately to the site. Currently any post on the site will go to the Hemel face book page, they will show up as coming from ‘Hemelskirace Club’ which is a gerneric account set up for use by the website. Anyone who posts on Twitter and uses the @hemelskirace or #teamhsrc will also appear on the site.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

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