Bormio 2018


10th – 16th Feb 2018

BORMIO – Italy


To participate in the 22nd English Alpine Championships, British competitors in age groups U14 and above must be registered with their Home Nation. All competitors must have a current insurance policy that permits them to ski race. The Organising Committee may require proof of insurance such as a valid governing body race icence or an independent certificate of insurance. Al U18, U21, Senior and Masters Racers are reminded that they must be FIS registered to take part in these championships (please note that a FIS Masters registration is not the same as a FIS Alpine registration). Applications for the appropriate licence should be made direct to British Ski and Snowboard as soon as possible and at least three weeks prior to the closing date.

The Organising Committee accepts no responsibility for any failure of competitors to ensure that their FIS registration is valid. Competitors in the U12 and U10 races must have either signed the British Athlete’s Declaration or be registered with their Home Nation. The Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to skiers who do not possess seed points and who cannot demonstrate a minimum level of competence. Suitable evidence may include previous race results or a Coach’s certification.

All British entries must be made on the official entry form (one per competitor) or via the official online entry system on , and will only be accepted if accompanied by the correct race entry fee of £50 per competitor per race. For the U16/U14 competition, if you enter all 4 races there will be a discount of £20. For the FIS competition, if you enter all six FIS races there will be a discount of £30.

For U10/U12 the races will now be at least two runs and possibly three depending on the conditions.

Cheques must be made payable to “Snowsport England” and sent to the Championship Race Secretary. Non-British FIS entries should be made through your National Ski Association on the appropriate NSA FIS entry forms in accordance with FIS regulations. Non-British U16, U14, U12 & U10s should use the standard entry form.

Acceptance Lists showing entries received by the closing date will be published on by Wednesday 4th February (N.B. this Acceptance List will not be updated with late entries).


Acceptance of entries in the resort will be dependent on the entries already received and the snow conditions. Competitors are therefore warned that their presence in the resort will not necessarily gain them entry into the races. Late entries will incur a penalty of £20.00 per competitor per race.


Due to the enormous cost of organising these Championships, there will be no refund of race entry fees after the race entry has been received, even if one or more races are cancelled.

Please see our T & C for full details


Coaches/clubs must negotiate training pistes directly with the resort. Clubs are reminded that they will need to work together to ensure maximum use of available facilities. The organising committee will designate a warm-up area for each day of competition. A briefing will be made at the first Team Captains’ meeting with regard to the warm up rules and the consequences of violating them.

All participants are required to ski at all times in a manner appropriate to the conditions, and to treat other users of the slope with due respect. This is particularly important when skiing in areas open to the public.


U16 & U14 Super G: Saturday 10th February at 17:45 in the auditorium.

NJR FIS Giant Slalom: Saturday 10th February at 18:30 in the auditorium.

NB: Only accredited team captains/managers have the right to attend the meetings, independent athletes should liaise with a team/club to ensure they are represented.


To run the Championships smoothly and successfully, we will require a number of volunteers; these could include gate judges, marshals, provisional times-board keeper, commentator, back up timers etc. Clubs should come prepared to nominate helpers. Snowsport England registered Race Officials are reminded that experience at the Championships will count towards their accreditation. Anyone interested in Officiating should contact the Chief Race Director (, Chief of Championships or Race Secretary prior to the Champs. Coaches are reminded of their duty to act as Referee if appointed by the TD.


Official photographers may be present during the event. If you DO NOT wish for your photograph to be taken or used, please sign the forms available in the race office before the event.


Those travelling by car should note that the northern route from Switzerland via Livigno is by a single track tunnel. On Saturdays this tunnel is only open from Switzerland to Livigno from 12.00, after 3pm the traffic alternates. The trip from Livigno to Switzerland on a Saturday is open from 9 – 12. Those travelling by air can arrange bus transport via Terralta Viaggio or use the local bus services. Transport time from either of the Milan airports is approximately three and a half hours.

More information will be published on the website and in Race Bulletin 2.


The best deal on lift passes is available if booked at the same time as accommodation. We expect to secure a discounted limited area lift pass for FIS and FIS NJR racers for 21 Euros (this was the price for 2017, it may be reviewed for 2018). Information on how to buy these will be posted on the website at nearer the time.

Bormio Tourist Office: via Roma, 131/B – 23032 Bormio

Phone +39 0342 903300 – Fax +39 0342 904696





Online Race Entry

Seed Lists, Rules, Results


Lift Passes

Bormio is a thriving little town at the top of the Valtellina valley in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. It is positioned on the historic trading route between Venice and Switzerland, with connections via mountain passes to the South Tyrol and Livigno. In the town you can find the expected range of shops, bars and restaurants, as well as the thermal baths for which the town has long been famous.

Stella Alpina
This is the wide piste above Bormio 2000, accessed via the main gondola.

This is the big hill used for the FIS races you can see on the TV. It too is accessed via the gondola to 2000, then dropping down across the mountain to our various start points – we don’t use the whole World Cup run! On this slope we will be running all the FIS races, plus the floodlit team parallel slalom and the U14/U16 Super-G.



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