Check your insurance!

Are you registered directly with a UK Home Nation (Snowsport England, Scotland or Wales)? If so, then this should provide you with third party liability ( but not personal medical/rescue) cover while you are racing.

If you are competing in races this Winter and you are not individually registered with a UK HN, then you should check your insurance cover to make sure this includes third party liability, otherwise you could find yourself personally liable for any damage or injury caused to someone else while you are racing.

Whether or not you are registered, you should also check that your personal medical insurance includes cover while racing, as some policies explicitly mention taking part in competitions amongst their exclusions. We have also heard that some policies include personal injury and medical cover while racing, but exclude third party liability, so just having “insurance that includes racing” may not be enough.

Whatever insurance cover you think you’ve got, please check the small print before it’s too late, and if you are in any way unsure about the level and type of protection provided by your cover then please speak to your insurer or broker so that  you know exactly where you stand.

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