SSE GBR Series

SSE Great British Racing Series

A race series run around the country, next step up from Club Nationals, consisting of 9 races across the UK in 2017. The races are run by the HNGB (England, Wales and Scotland). To compete you must be “registered”.
•It is a series of events with overall results at the end, based on points gained from each race, however each race is also an individual event.
•Costs 2017- £23.00 to £21.00 per day (depending on whether one or two races per day) and £29.00 for indoor snow race
•Sponsored by British Ski Acadamy in 2017
•What happens?
–2 runs down different courses, both times to count
–The courses set can be difficult and complicated to test the more advanced racer.
-Open to racers registered with SnowSport England , Wales or Scotland
– How different from ERSA?
  • No team events, rules are strictly followed according to international events and format.
  • You must complete both runs to feature in the results.

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