Rules at the Snowcentre

RulesRules that are to be followed at The Snow Centre.

The Centre have decided that all of their trainers/instructors and all children under the age of 16 must wear an approved helmet whilst on the slope, this includes recreational as well as lessons and training. For race training, helmets must be worn as normal.

  • The side slope will be out of bounds unless your instructor takes you there. There may be public lessons in progress on this slope.
  • Only trainers/trainees and authorised people allowed in the snow arena, this includes any area of the snow.
  • No food or drink to be taken into the snow arena.
  • The Club must have vacated the slope sharp after training. Groups will be asked to bring in poles, this is not just the coach’s or committee’s job.
  • The setting and drilling of courses is only to be carried out by approved/trained people, very easy to puncture the cooling pipes.
  • No walking up the slope unless authorised.
  • No skis in the bar area unless in a ski bag, boots may be worn anywhere within the centre.
  • Finally, remember it will be cold inside so appropriate clothing is required.

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