Training Groups

As attendance levels on a weekly basis at training will vary the aim is within each training group to provide training ratios of approximately 8-10 performers per trainer in the early groups rising to 10-12 performers per group for the more advanced levels where self assessment skills are better developed.

Given the influx of new members, we still have to monitor these groups and make a few alterations to strike a realistic compromise centred around group size, skier ability, attendance levels etc.

We apologise in advance if some changes are made without full consultation and if on occasion it appears that for a week or two a group is either oversubscribed or unbalanced; it is going to take a few more weeks before the “music stops” and a consistent pattern is established. Please be patient whist this mammoth task is undertaken.
Trainer’s Meetings = The Committee will continue to meet with the coaches on a regular basis (usually bi-monthly) to review training progress and future developments, requests or suggestions for movement within groups, health and safety issues and so forth. These meetings will be chaired by our Head Coach (Jon Reidy and Sally Bartlett).

Groups Protocol – Requests and suggestions for movement between groups should follow the Groups Protocol also posted on this website.

Feedback – The move back to Hemel, the change to snow based training and the huge increase in membership necessary to assure our place within the commercial structure of the Snow Centre has been a massive challenge to the Club, the Committee the Coaches and importantly to all of our members, old and new. Constructive feedback in absolutely essential to us getting things right; by taking on board your observations, recommendations and by tapping into your collective experience we are confident that this will result in training that the vast majority believe in and support.

Please give this all time to settle down. It is true that we have had to make some changes based on the best overall compromise, the levels of available finance and with risk management firmly in mind but we have absolutely no wish to alienate anybody within the Club. We are after all trying to help the racers of the future.

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