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Thank you for the enquiry, we do have a minimum age and ability criteria to join the club. Ski racing and training is a hazardous sport and as such we will not accept anyone under the age of 7. Even though they may be of a good standard, awareness is not always as sharp as we would like. Safety is our main concern.  If you wish to be added to the HSRC list for news and information fill in the mailing form. Please fill out the forms below:

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We currently do have a waiting list to join the club, we normally recommend that prospective members attend the “Snowstars Group lessons” run by the Snow Centre on a Saturday morning and a Monday evening. The Centre can give you more details of times and costs should you wish to go. Our waiting list varies in length according to age and experience.

Race training is not for everyone and before joining the club we invite you down for a taster/trial, this is for two reasons, firstly to see if you enjoy it and secondly to assess your ability and ensure we get you into the most suitable and correct training group. Taster/Trials will be held on the first training Monday each month. A dedicated experienced trainer will asses your ability and ensure you are placed in the correct training group. If not meeting our minimum requirement you will be directed in the way to proceed.. The cost of this taster/trial is £32.00 and if accepted and wish to come again you will need to join the club at a fee of £30.00 for a Junior and £40.00 for an adult. The training fee then is £24.00 per session. If of a suitable stand we will invite people to join the club, but must point out that this is subject to space available in the appropriate level group. We are a race club and as such will expect our members to compete at appropriate level races, either at home, on indoor snow or the artificial slopes, or on alpine snow. Continued membership is subject to this criteria.

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